My Story Map: storytelling and early school leaving- nov 2017

Here is a new project to fight against early school leaving: My Story Map.

On November, 15th and 16th 2017, the kick-off meeting of this new project took place in Rome.

My Story Map is coordinated by the high-school Ils Piaget-Diaz from Rome and associates different partners from Italy (Ils Piaget-Diaz and Replay Network), Spain (Mundus), Austria (Die Berater), Belgium (Eurogeo) and France (Pistes-Solidaires).

By focusing especially on working with teachers, this project aims at developing training modules that will be used in order to prevent early school leaving, thanks to a stool that is being more and more used: digital storymapping.

The project is organised in different steps. It will start with a state of the art regarding early school leaving and teachers training, in order to develop tools that are adapted in the best way to fight against early school leaving, these tools being easy to use for teachers and facilitators who will go to schools.

In the end, the youngsters at risk of early school leaving will be involved in activities to think about what their life could look like if they ever left school before graduating.

The project is just starting and we look forward to seeing its first results.