ESL Training in Bruges

From February to May 2019 a group of youngsters from CLW VTI Brugge (centre for part-time learning, part-time working) participate in the training with the learning modules : «how to tell a (life) story» and «media production skills».

These youngsters follow a lesson program whereby the attend 2 days school per week, the rest of the week they are employed. This way they hopefully attend a secondary school degree, allowing them to move further in life.

The training started with examples of story maps, made by other youngsters, and this made them immediately very willing to tell their own story. And with the extra support provided from the program they learned how to tell a story and in the mean time gain competences and self-confidence.

The evaluation after the training showed clearly that it was for them a very nice experience, some really got very enthusiastic and were willing to make even more story maps.

They also indicated a growth in skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow, as mentioned in the World Economic Forum ‘Future of Job’s Report’.