IO4 – Analysis of Impact: Digital Story Mapping in practice

The analysis of impact has been produced with the aim to show the findings of the implementation phase realised in Italy, Austria, France, Belgium and Spain of MSM workshops (My personal story-map) and involving 75 youngsters. In order to serve its purpose, the content of the analysis has been organized and divided into three main sections:

- The first outlines the methodological framework of the workshop, highlighting its most relevant qualities in relation to the work against Early School Leaving;

- The second contains the results of the implementation phase;

- The third examines the results and provides recom­mendations for the future use of the outcomes and better adaptability and transferability in the differ­ent sectors of school, non-formal education for youth, VET, and adult education.

You can download the result in the different languages of the project:

- English - Dutch - French - German - Italian - Spanish