IO4: the piloting in Austria

For the piloting in Austria a 4-day workshop was held in March 2019. We had 19 participants (mostly female and between the ages 15 - 22).

At the beginning, teachers introduced themselves and the project. Then a collective query named “Expectations, Concerns and Expertise” was held to get some insight into exactly these areas. As a first productive step the participants had to work with the map material - starting with printed maps and pinning their relevant places on them. Afterwards they learned how to work with the storymapping software ArcGis. This was followed by the major part dedicated to learning storytelling. On the third day, the participants created their digital “journies of their life” and put all their story elements together. Everyone presented their story in front of the group and the rest commented on them.

Our workshop received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Nearly all participants would recommend other youngsters to participate in such a program and told us they learned a lot of skills which they are going to use in their everyday life.

In order to measure the impact of the workshop on the learners’ competences they were also asked to rate their competence levels for 10 defined competences, once before and once after the workshop. What we found there were strong gains in their communication- and digital content creation-skills.