Piloting phase in Spain

Between the 8th and the 13th of April Asociación Mundus have carried out a series of workshops in collaboration with the Casco Viejo Socio-Labor Center, with eleven students from hairdressing and mechanics studies, along with alumni of that center. The objective has been for the participants to share their life stories by working with a platform called ArcGis online, combined with Esri Story Maps to translate their stories into a digital format.

These activities had the objective of motivating people who had abandoned or were at risk of abandoning their studies in early stages to resume their learning experience, involving them in a directed activity that contextualizes and gives meaning to their experience in the form of a digital map.

The main idea is to involve the students in an experience of self-evaluation, discovery and self-reflection about the context and reasons that lead people to decide not to continue in school.

In this way, creating a digital map represents a point of both departure and arrival, as it represents a process of self-empowerment, which, when finished, provides a renewed sense of identity and ownership of one's stories. In this way we can start generating new steps, towards a new direction, within the lifelong learning journey.

Participants who attended this workshop agreed on how interesting the activity was: “It is a very important activity, I loved it”. In addition, all agreed on the importance of having a place to tell their stories and showed a great interest in sharing them in order to help other people: "Telling about our lives seemed very good because this may help other people who have gone through something similar get ahead"; "(...) I am very happy with the story we did because it might help someone else, and I want to show it to my family because it is very interesting". Finally, many considered that these workshops have helped them to develop cross-cutting skills such as communication: "It was an activity in which they teach you how to open up to speak, express yourself, say words, communicate and learn."