1) Study: telling digital stories to fight against early-school leaving.

2) Learning module: how to tell a (life) story.

3) Learning module:  media production skills.

4) Pilot documentation: digital stories and maps in practice.

5) StoryWall: online exhibition and campaign of digital life stories.

6) Learning module: preventing early school drop-outs through digital stories and maps.

7) Publication: preventing early school drop-out through digital stories and maps.



May 31, 2019

TEST n° 1 "Study 1: Combatting early-school leaving"

Using digital storymaps to combat early school leaving, or teens dropping out. The result of the first implementation of mystorymap is the following......

June 30, 2019

TEST n°2 : Module 1: How to tell a life story

Nothing yet. Please stay tuned!

November 03, 2019

TEST n°3 : Learning Module 2: Media Production

Nothing yet. Please stay tuned!

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