1) Study: telling digital stories to fight against early-school leaving.

2) Learning module: how to tell a (life) story.

3) Learning module:  media production skills.

4) Pilot documentation: digital stories and maps in practice.

5) StoryWall: online exhibition and campaign of digital life stories.

6) Learning module: preventing early school drop-outs through digital stories and maps.

7) Publication: preventing early school drop-out through digital stories and maps.



IO1: Literature review on telling digital stories

The study lays the foundation for the ensuing development work of the My Story Map project. It sums up the results of national and transnational desk-based research activities.


This report is in part based on the methodology and work undertaken by the Erasmus Plus “Tell Your Story” Proj­ect. The research undertaken there has been updated by My Story Map for two different target groups, namely teachers and teacher training as well as in terms of including the latest articles, projects, initiatives and for several additional partner countries.

Learning modules (Intellectual Outputs 2 and 3)

The learning modules “How to tell a (life) story” and “Media production skills”, developed within the frame of intellectual output 2 and 3,  target teachers, educators, youth workers and all those professionals involved in work with young early-school leavers, in order to equip them with an educational tool, based on the pedagogical use of the methodology of digital story mapping, for the purpose of motivating early-school leavers aged 15-25 to re-engage in learning activities.

The modules should be intended as complementary, as through the combination of the learning materials contained within the two learning modules, teacher, educators and youth workers can design a learning experience in the form of a multiple sessions workshop, where the young people are encouraged to investigate and organise in a story flow the context, the causes and the reasons which led them to the decision of dropping out of the educational and/or training system.

IO5 : My Story Wall

My Story Wall is an online exhibition of the story maps of the project. These maps were developed by the participants themselves (early school leavers). The idea is that these stories can be browsed through and

shared easily in a presentation which is especially targeted at young people at risk of drop out in schools.

On the Story Wall, you can find all public stories of the five partner countries.

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